day 3–my lynchpin.

Taken from The Paleo Mom

“I often think of managing chronic disease using diet and lifestyle like putting a puzzle together. One piece of the puzzle is avoiding nutrient-poor foods that cause inflammation and contribute to gut dysbiosis or irritate/damage the lining of the gut. Another piece is to add in nutrient-rich foods that support immune function and healing of damaged tissues in the body. Another piece is managing and reducing stress. Another piece is getting enough sleep. Another piece is getting activity. There’s also lots of pieces to the puzzle that will vary based on an individual’s situation. Sometimes it can feel like putting together a puzzle when you don’t know what the picture is and it can be very frustrating. But, at the same time, when all the pieces finally fall into place, it can be incredibly liberating and rewarding.

I also often think of lynchpins (yeah, I know I’ve got some mixed metaphors going on here, but these are the analogies that are very meaningful for me)… that one aspect of diet or lifestyle that keeps the wheels on the cart. My lynchpin is sleep. When I’m getting enough sleep, everything I need to do in terms of diet, activity, managing stress all seems easy. When I’m not getting enough sleep, my stress increases, it becomes harder to make good food choices, it takes more motivation to stay active… sleep is definitely the one thing that makes everything else possible.

Have you figured out the pieces to your own individual health puzzle? Or are you still looking for missing pieces? Do you have a lynchpin?”

I would say my “lynchpin” is avoiding those gut-irritating, gut-inflaming foods. I feel SO MUCH BETTER when I avoid those altogether. This a a critical piece for me. Thank you Whole30, for coming into my life.



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