day 16 + becoming healthy

day 16 + becoming healthy

just like the picture says, becoming healthy is the best decision I have ever made. I’m not only talking about whole30, but living a healthy lifestyle in general. for me, living a healthy lifestyle looks like:

*exercising 4-6 times a week. this includes cardio, strength training and HIIT.

*eating fresh, whole, unprocessed foods. this includes all fruits, vegetables, fresh meat, nuts/seeds, and healthy fats.

*allowing myself a treat every once in a while. I usually go for the allergen-free ice cream. πŸ™‚ It’s delectable.

*laughing, learning and making mistakes in the process. loving life for what God has blessed me with!

*serving others as much as possible. I am called to shine Christ’s light wherever I go!

*knowing Christ deeply and intimately. He died so we can have a relationship with him. this is the most important piece of my ‘healthy lifestyle’. without Him, I would be nothing.

there you have it! what living a healthy lifestyle looks to me. πŸ™‚


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