day 1.

Day 1 on my Whole30 challenge was great! I am still recovering from being sick, so I can’t say I felt 100%, but eating whole foods has definitely helped me feel better.

What I ate:
Breakfast: Chopped apple with cinnamon & nutmeg + 1/2 cup ground turkey + 1 tbsp. coconut butter all microwaved up into a delicious breakfast! This is what I typically eat for breakfast, only changing up the meat. Some days I’ll have sausage (not the highly processed, high sodium kind), ground chicken, ground beef, or  some other leftover meat from the night before. I find that this is a great breakfast to have and it keeps me satisfied until lunch!

Lunch: Taco salad consisting of spinach as a base, with chopped peppers and carrots, 3/4 cup seasoned ground beef + 1/2 of an avocado. I put some salsa as a “dressing” to give it more flavor. 🙂

Dinner: Baked tilapia + asparagus + small sweet potato with coconut butter. THAT was a delicious meal!! 

I love eating this way. I feel healthy, energized, and satisfied. I can’t wait to see how I feel on day 30. 🙂



whole30 goals.

What are my goals I have for this whole30 challenge?

That’s a good question.
Here goes…

Goal #1: Treat my body as God’s temple (because it is!) and honor Him with my food choices.

Goal #2: Create a more positive relationship with food. It’s currently a love/hate, and I want to get rid of the hate.

Goal #3: Lose the lbs. first year of marriage has put on me. (Note: I’m not blaming marriage at ALL, that’s just what has happened.) My pants don’t fit like they used to…nahhhmean?

Goal #4: Heal my body. My gut. My digestion.

Those are the main reasons why I am embarking on this whole30 challenge.

Let’s get it done.

whole30 healing.

Dear Self,

Enough is enough. It’s time to get serious with your health. Yes, you are feeling better than you were a year and a half ago, but your body is still not functioning at 100%. Your digestive system still needs healing, and I truly believe that Whole30 can help your body heal at a faster rate than any other way of eating. See, the abuse that you have put me through, it has forever changed my body. You developed food intolerances, hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, and leaky gut. STOP hurting yourself and START healing from the inside out. You may be able to eat the “naughty” things again (every once in a while) but right now, you NEED to focus on healing. Bottom line. I am not writing this to guilt you, but to open your eyes and show you that you need this. 30 days. It’s not that long in the big scheme of things.  Whole30 is designed help you feel better. WAY better. One week of eating this way has shown you that! Above all else, remember, honor God by treating your body correctly and as His temple. Glorify Him through this. You got this.